In today’s global economy, employers have more choices than ever. If one industrial marketplace fails to provide the necessary workforce, a company has the opportunity to take their work across state lines or beyond.

The 21st Century Workforce can no longer rely upon the Educational System to provide theory, while Industry provides practice. The competitive worldwide economy demands that we stop educating our workforce twice – teaching knowledge in the classroom and skills in industry. The competitive leaders in the 21st century economy are those most cost-effective in bridging the “Skills Gap”.

CareerWise Colorado is a program developed by industry for industry. Launched with funding through FourFront Colorado, Colorado business leaders have embraced youth apprenticeships to combine knowledge, skills, theory and practice. CareerWise students, as young as juniors in high school, are learning and earning by spending time in both school and industry.

These apprentices meet milestones that enable them to graduate as scheduled and also gain industry experience. They are developing vital capabilities to meet today’s needs and the demands of tomorrow’s emerging markets. CareerWise ensures that Colorado will hold the currency required to be a leader in the worldwide economy.

Colorado. Manufacturing the future. Together.

To learn more about CareerWise Colorado, visit the website here