Colorado Defense Assistance Program

Through FourFront Project 6, CAMA has been offering assistance through the Defense Assistance Program (DAP) to companies that have been negatively impacted by past Department of Defense (DOD) budget cuts and/or will be susceptible to impacts in the current budget cycle. Companies who are seeking assistance first apply for the program to ensure they are indeed DOD impacted, and if deemed eligible, they undergo an in-depth and interactive business assessment process. Financial stability is also measured through an accountant’s review of each company’s confidential financial records. After assessment, the company receives a copy of the completed business assessment tool as well as a one-page document that lists the top three recommendations for use of the DAP voucher. Thus far, twelve companies have been assessed and eleven have been deemed eligible for the funds. These eleven companies have access to the $15,000 voucher and they can engage services from a company that has been identified and vetted by DAP leadership. Their chosen company provides the relevant technical assistance, training services, or other kind of support that matches the top recommendation.  In addition to helping these companies diversify, a positive externality is that the defense-oriented ecosystem in the region has strengthened.

With the recommendations, the companies were provided a list of vendors to select from to perform the services. Below are a few examples from third quarter 2016 companies that completed their business assistance efforts and have submitted invoices to DAP:

  • ISSAC Corporation used Capitol Steps for market research related to their diversification primarily into the logistics and health care fields. They are experts in data analytics and recognize that there is large demand for this kind of service outside the DOD space.
  • TMC Design used Firebox Consulting to help them commercialize manufactured goods to (non-DOD) customers.
  • Solkoa used Capitol Steps for market research related to expanding their training to non-DOD customers.
  • Infinity Systems Engineering used Plex Solutions for cyber compliance assessment to reduce their risk, which will help them diversify in a secure manner.


“…The DAP grant allowed Infinity to make a significant leap forward in our information security readiness by employing another small Colorado business, PLEX Solutions, LLC, to perform a comprehensive test and audit of our information systems.  The findings enabled Infinity to take action on current vulnerabilities as well as establish our baseline of readiness for NIST 800-171 compliance.  Our ability to chart a way forward and plan our resources for meeting this standard are now greatly enhanced as a result of the services procured with this grant….”Infinity Systems Engineering, LLC. 

“Capital Steps Consulting has been extremely supportive and helpful in areas where Omitron does not have expertise.  Omitron is looking at business opportunities with Foreign Agencies interested in our products/services.  Although Omitron has supported Canada, Great Britain and Australia in the past it has never been as a direct vendor.  This presents challenges for us in the area of foreign disclosure and intellectual property rights.  Capital Steps Consulting is assisting us in these areas.  Specifically, Nick Oliva has been our primary point of contact and has provided excellent support.  We have been asked by other Southern Colorado Technology Alliance (SCTA) members about their support for similar activates and we highly recommended them to our fellow members.  Additionally, the US Government would like to see consistency across the Space Situation Awareness (SSA) Sharing with Foreign partners.  As the primary developer of these products/services for the Air Force we are a natural choice to assist in this effort.  So the consulting not only benefits Omitron, it has the potential of benefitting the US Government in their SSA Sharing goals.”Omitron

To apply for the Colorado Defense Assistance Program, complete the following form:

  • To be considered for this assistance, the company must demonstrate that it meets one of the following criteria. Please check applicable boxes: [Criteria based on U.S. Department of Labor Trade Adjustment Assistance Program]
  • Briefly describe your business. Explain the product/service you offer and provide examples of the customers you serve.