FourFront Goals:
  • Commercially strengthen Colorado‚Äôs industry by connecting researchers, entrepreneurs, and manufacturers by utilizing industry leading technology
  • Develop Advanced Industry companies by providing tools and training necessary for Colorado manufacturers to adopt emerging technologies. Each Manufacturing Advancement Center will potentially contain a Technology Deployment Center with leading industry and national experts.
  • Improve access to business services and much-needed capital to ensure new products have an opportunity to make it to market
  • Improve business-to-business connectivity using groundbreaking virtual supply chain management platform and tools
  • Connect workforce development activities with industry needs by providing gap training and connecting manufacturers to existing training partners
  • Provide opportunities for businesses to increase manufacturing productivity by giving small and medium sized manufacturers the resources they need to lower costs and increase output
  • Provide mentorship and support services to help start-ups or growing companies diversify into new markets or create new products.