In January 2011, the Hickenlooper Administration enlisted over five thousand Coloradans from 64 counties to develop a comprehensive and collaborative approach to economic development. A statewide team traveled over six thousand miles to work with local teams composed of economic development, workforce and industry in order to gather vital information about local economies from every part of Colorado.

Each county put together a summary expressing the needs, priorities, vision, strengths and weaknesses of its local economy. These summaries were rolled into fourteen individual regional statements, forming the basis of six core objectives:
1. Build a Business Friendly Environment
2. Retain, Grow and Recruit Companies
3. Increase Capital Access
4. Create and Market a Stronger Colorado Brand
5. Educate and Train the Workforce of the Future
6. Cultivate Innovation and Technology

Evolving previous key industry work from the Colorado Blueprint, OEDIT worked with industry and national partners, like the US Economic Development Administration (EDA) and PriceWaterhouseCoopers, to identify a number of priorities and projects that would achieve set objectives. The projects outlined herein are a result of such collaborative work.