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The FourFront Fuse Impact Center – Denver Metro is a regional center that drives collaboration and manufacturing best practices in Denver, in the State of Colorado and nationally. The focus of this Center is to drive innovation and collaboration between large and small to medium size advanced manufacturing firms in Colorado’s manufacturing ecosystem. We are building the manufacturing workforce of the future by accessing local talent and national best practices and by driving the adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies and processes. We are filling the manufacturing talent pipeline in close partnership with education and skills training partners, the Community College System and Skillful.

CAMA and FourFront are Always Advancing by growing business in Denver and in Colorado.

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Interesting Information

In order to leverage limited funding, CAMA is aligning and collaborating with local organizations, programs and initiatives.  In metro Denver, CAMA is partnering with the Downtown Denver Partnership (“DDP”), Colorado Technology Association (“CTA”) and with Metropolitan State University (MSU). The Fuse Center is temporarily located at the Commons on Champa, an innovation and entrepreneurial space created by the DDP and CTA.

Eventually, the Fuse Center will be located on the 4th floor of the to-be-built Aerospace, Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing Center located at MSU. MSU is raising $60M to build the new Center. To date State of Colorado has contributed $20M, MSU has provided $20M and CAMA is working with MSU-Denver to raise the remaining funding which will come from industry donations.  The new building will be approximately 118,000 square footage with specialized labs, classrooms, support spaces and offices. The building broke ground in Fall 2015 and is set to open in late 2017.

MSU began this project nearly 2 years ago, with the aim to create a collaborative environment bringing together industry, academia and students in order to build the workforce of the future.  Conversations between MSU and CAMA began 2 years ago as well and together they are designing and building the workspace necessary to drive industry to the Center.

MSU Denver is embarking on an innovative project to integrate the study of advanced manufacturing disciplines into a single, new building. This facility will revolutionize aviation, aerospace and advanced manufacturing education in Colorado by integrating the study of:

  • aviation and aerospace science
  • industrial design
  • civil, mechanical and electrical engineering technology
  • computer information systems
  • computer science

These disciplines will collaborate in a state-of-the-art building, providing students with the curriculum, advanced technologies and the labs necessary to give them a highly experiential, relevant education.

Since the Fuse Center is co-located on an academic campus, the focus of the Center will be workforce development and training.

Center Director:

Tim Heaton
Phone: 720.274.9776


Denver Metro – FourFront Fuse Impact Center 
1245 Champa Street, Denver CO 80204