Southern Colorado Fuse Impact Center

The Southern Colorado FourFront Fuse Impact Center serves many purposes.  First and foremost it is in place to be a commons for all manufactures and those in the advanced industries.  It provides a state of the art venue for digitally connecting manufactures throughout the state as well as throughout the nation. The advanced technological room has an array of screens for cross collaborating on projects as well as advanced microphones and speaker system.

This Fuse Impact Center has a Fuse Director who has experience working in the manufacturing industry. In Colorado Springs, Jahr Turchan has years of experience running his own manufacturing company and is a useful resource to the community.

This Fuse Impact Center also focuses on providing useful learning tools and takeaways for manufacturers through InFusions.

This Fuse Impact Center also serves as the general office for the Southern Chapter of CAMA.  You can learn more about CAMA South, it’s mission and activities here.

The Southern Colorado Fuse Impact Center arrived with it’s strategic partners, The Southern Colorado Technology Alliance (SCTA) and Catalyst Campus.




Defense Assistance Program

Cybersecurity for Advanced Manufacturing Institute
The National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) has issued a request for competitive proposals requesting input on topic areas for the next two National Network of Manufacturing Institutes (NNMIs). UI LABS and [Colorado CAMC] submitted a response to NIST on April 20 in which UI Labs and [Colorado CAMC] proposed the establishment of a Cybersecurity for Advanced Manufacturing Institute (CAMI), focused on R&D, protocols, guidelines, tools and training for the manufacturing industry to address a key need for a cybersecurity framework that protects and enables U.S. manufacturing competitiveness. CAMI will be managed by UI Labs but headquartered in Colorado Springs. In anticipation of being chosen to continue through the competitive process, we are now focusing on the development of a full proposal for CAMI.

Center Director:

Jahr Turchan
Mobile: 248.946.2125
Office: 719.453.0225

More About Jahr Turchan


Southern Colorado – FourFront Fuse Impact Center 
555 E. Pikes Peak Ave., Colorado Springs CO 80903