Innovation is not just the implementation of the next new app. Innovation includes access to manufacturing techniques and products that open new markets.

Fuse Impact Centers, funded through FourFront, have been designed with innovative business leaders in mind. Each of the four regional Fuse Impact Centers contain a visual collaboration solution that links locations, teams, content, and devices in an immersive, shared workspace.

The Mezzanine™ proprietary operating system provides Colorado businesses with a brand new competitive advantage. Developed by MIT Media Lab researcher John Underkoffler, who envisioned the future of workplaces for films such as Minority Report and Iron Man, Fuse Centers make sci-fi technology available to Colorado businesses.

Four Fuse Impact Centers have been created by FourFront throughout the state: Loveland (Northern Colorado), Colorado Springs (Southern Colorado), Grand Junction (Western Colorado) and in Denver. The purpose of the centers is to promote connectivity and innovation; implement training and education programs; develop new business opportunities; and share B2B information throughout the state and nationwide.

Colorado. Manufacturing the future. Together.

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