Workforce Development and Training

The FourFront Project is developing and implementing a systematic program that entrenches industry in the education system. Through this effort known now as CareerWise Colorado (formerly known as Business and Schools in Collaboration), our manufacturing facilities, our offices, our laboratories, become classrooms for future workers by providing the skills and the practice required. FourFront will create “Certified Centers of Learning” within Colorado manufacturing companies. A Certified Center of Learning (CCOL) is a business or facility that provides onsite, experienced-based learning with specific curriculum. CCOLs are committed to giving students the opportunity to explore various careers and provide real-world training experiences to help students find their career paths and graduate work ready. See Project 9

The FourFront Centers training will also include the deployment of cutting edge technologies to Colorado manufacturers providing unique opportunities for continued advancement. As such each Manufacturing Advancement Center will include a Technology Deployment Program (an innovative, revolutionary 4 step program). It is the goal for the first Program to deploy digital technologies developed or enhanced through the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII). See Project 3