Project 1. FourFront Supply Chain: Building Business-to-Business Opportunities

To remain competitive in today’s global economy, manufacturing companies are constantly looking for ways to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency. Specifically, these companies are faced with increased pressure to streamline supply chains. A shorter supply chain, both physically (distance traveled) and numerically (number of vendors) are critical in a market where speed to market is a necessity. At the same time, contract manufacturers wanting to be connected to new trading partners are looking for new, cost effective methods to improve visibility in existing and emerging markets. Meanwhile, Aerospace and Defense contractors are pressured to increase supply chain resilience while connecting to a diverse range of trading partners with differing levels of technical capabilities.

Through Project 1, CAMA and Manufacturer’s Edge work together to provide manufacturers a tool to connect with thousands of manufacturers across the state of Colorado. We encourage manufacturers to register to the Manufacturer’s Connect Tool so that other local manufacturers are able to find your business. Get connected today!

The main objective of Project 1 is to promote Colorado business and create opportunities for growth.


  • CAMA Continues to encourage manufacturers to register with the Manufacturer’s Connect Tool
  • Execution of Memorandum of Understanding as of July 28th between CAMA and Manufacturer’s Edge
  • Retained Chris Peters from the Lucrum Group as a consultant
  • Attendance at NJIT kick-off meeting
  • Invitation to participate in Google Innovation Lab


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