Project 4. Promoting Regionalism Across FourFront Regions

FourFront is an engagement strategy that brings together industry, government and academia across each region of Colorado to create a collaborative ecosystem that supports the growth and development of Colorado’s Advanced Industries. In order to promote the benefits of regionalism, ecosystem development and collaboration strategies and tools, Project 4 envisioned a two-day session with local and national leaders from industry, academia and government. The goal for the 2-day session was to educate and inform communities, locally and nationally, of the benefits of regionalism in order to connect regions of the state together in advancing manufacturing as well as connect the state to other states with similar missions and programs.

The FourFront team, through its regional oversight structure (see Project 2), has already moved forward in creating a successful regional ecosystem through the development of Fuse Impact Centers (see Project 7) that are connected to regional stakeholders. The active current plan for this project is to condense the session program to a one-day session. It is tentatively scheduled for the first quarter, 2016 to coincide with the launch of one of FourFront’s Centers.  Potential speakers include National Governors Association, Brookings Institution, National Institute of Standards and Technology, and the Economic Development Administration. We are also considering inviting other states that have received similar funding from the Department of Defense, Office of Economic Adjustment, in order to gain insight from their strategies as well as promote and discuss Colorado’s manufacturing strategy.


  • Fuse Impact Center housed at EWI in Loveland
  • Fuse Impact Center housed at Factory in Grand Junction
  • Fuse Impact Center housed at the Catalyst Campus in Colorado Springs
  • Future plans to switch Fuse Impact Center to MSU

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