Project 8. Fuse Impact Center Training Assistance

In the third quarter of 2016, CAMA sent out Fuse Impact Center Directors to collect information from manufacturers to determine what resources they would need to be more successful. These Fuse Center Directors met with over 75 companies as part of the Business Advancement Process. This process was designed to connect manufacturers to the resources that help them advance and grow a resilient manufacturing business. The Directors conducted an industry assessment with each company to identify immediate needs such as: growing their workforce, increasing their marketing efforts, learning more about manufacturer to manufacturers sales, expansion of exporting products, and more.

Through the data collected and feedback, the Directors have created InFusion Forums designed to meet the needs of Colorado manufacturers. These InFusions are designed to help manufacturers advance their technologies, processes, workforce development, and business management tools. Through these InFusions, Directors have drawn in over 100 participants in the last 6 months at various InFusions. With plans to grow and provide more InFusion Forums in 2017.

Previous InFusions:

  • Advances In Metallic Additive Manufacturing
  • Grow Your Business By Sharpening Your Focus
  • What Can Automation Do For You?
  • Study Your Competition
  • MSSC Workforce Info Session


  • Implementation of successful inFusions.
  • Over 100 participants have attended inFusions.
  • Data collected to create useful inFusion Forums.
  • Meetings with manufacturers for direct needs.

News & Useful Resources: