FourFront Projects Overview

In September 2014, Colorado was awarded a $6.6 million grant by the Office of Economic Adjustment (OEA) under the US Department of Defense (DoD). The purpose of this grant is to begin implementation of FourFront Colorado (formerly known as SMART Colorado) through the implementation of nine specific projects.

FourFront is a public-private partnership focused on accelerating the growth and resiliency of Colorado Advanced Industries through the following strategies:

  • innovative approaches to research and development,
  • workforce development and training,
  • business growth and advancement services; and,
  • market diversification.

Since the grant is funded by OEA, the initial projects are intended to assess the negative impact of reduced DoD spending in Colorado and develop data and strategies to assist the defense sector by accelerating the growth and development of all Colorado’s Advanced Industries.   By focusing on building the resiliency of Colorado Advanced Industries, we will be better able to train, diversify and connect impacted defense companies to opportunities in other sectors as well as technologies or processes to assist in new product development. Through mentorship and support and creation of shared resources and equipment, we will also be able to assist defense companies bid and obtain new defense contracts in order to diversify their existing defense portfolio.

As such, the primary goal for the overall Colorado Defense Industry Adjustment program is to provide immediate and sustained assistance to Colorado firms and employees negatively impacted by reduced DoD procurement (primarily impacting the aerospace sector as well as Colorado’s advanced industries manufacturing base).


Project History

Event Year
The Colorado Blueprint 2011 – present
Selection to National Governor’s Association Policy Academy on “Making” our Future: Encouraging Growth Opportunities in Manufacturing through Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Investment. 2011
Identification of the Advanced Industry Clusters 2012
Formation of the Advanced Industries Working Group 2012 – 2013
Conducting the Initial “First” Level Economic Supply Chain Analysis 2014
Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership Grant resulting in collaboration with OEA 2014
SMART Colorado – State RFP

  • July OEA grant approved
  • August – Request for Proposals to manage OEA grant
  • September – Review and award to CAMA led team
Implement SMART Colorado

  • SMART Project renamed FourFront
2014 – 2016
July 2015


The grant’s Statement of Work consists of nine projects.

Project: Due Date DoD Budget
1. Colorado Advanced Industries Supply Chain Initiative 9/30/2015 $900,000
2. SMART Colorado Executive Team & Strategic Operational Plan 12/31/2014 $45,000
3. Colorado Digital Manufacturing Commons Planning 12/31/2014 $27,000
4. Regional SMART Center Team Development 6/30/2015 $27,000
5. Regional Defense Diversification and SMART Center Planning Process 9/30/2015 $180,000
6. Supply Chain Direct Assistance Proposal 3/31/2016 $270,000
7. Startup Work and Development of Colorado SMART Centers 7/31/2016 $3,835,000
8. Innovation Assistance Proposal 7/31/2016 $180,000
9. Workforce Development 13/31/2015 $1,080,000


An overview and status is included on separate pages.