Regional Working Groups

Alignment with the Colorado Blueprint

In alignment with the Colorado Blueprint’s bottom-up approach and as recognition of the importance of regional cluster development and alignment, CAMA will hire a Regional Project Coordinator that will identify existing advanced manufacturing cluster initiatives such as sector partnerships, economic development growth projects and academic priorities (“Regional Cluster Programs”) in order to align and ensure that each region’s specific points of view are identified and acknowledged. Such Regional Cluster Programs will create a collaborative working group known as Regional Working Groups (RWG).

A10641056_780828475309166_4594572068749858269_ns such the Regional Project Coordinator will identify, inventory and map existing Regional Cluster Programs that align or overlap with FourFront projects and identify objectives, goals and milestones (“Regional Cluster Objectives”) of each of the Regional Cluster Programs in order to understand and align such objectives with FourFront and ensure that each region’s existing manufacturing cluster working groups are identified, acknowledged and aligned with FourFront. CAMA’s coordinator will create a matrix of existing Regional Cluster Programs and applicable Regional Cluster Objectives across the following four FourFront focus areas: Supply Chain, Defense Diversification, Workforce, and FourFront Center development (“Focus Areas”), with one matrix being completed for each of the four Colorado regions. The resulting matrix of Regional Cluster Programs will form the Regional Working Groups for such region.

CAMA’s Regional Project Coordinator will ensure that each Regional Cluster Program within a Regional Working Group is aware of the FourFront projects, process and status in order to leverage expertise and existing work for the FourFront projects and avoid redundancy or duplication of efforts. In addition, the Coordinator will identify and attend all Regional Cluster Program meetings and identify potential changes in a FourFront project that may be required in order to align with a Regional Cluster Objective and avoid redundancy.