Jahr is an Advanced Manufacturing Operations Manager with 15+ years of experience manufacturing components for virtually every major market. Jahr hails from the Detroit, Michigan area where he owned and operated manufacturing firms that serviced the Automotive, Aerospace, Medical Devices, Department of Defense, Telecommunications and other consumer markets. He knows what it takes to manufacture quality parts on time and how to do it profitably.

He specializes in finding and creating solutions to new advanced manufacturing challenges. With a long history in manufacturing R&D, Jahr has led teams to create and ultimately patent many groundbreaking technologies that have been implemented and are in use today. After a successful 2 year period working in the UK to see some of his latest technology be incorporated in the European textile market, Jahr moved to Woodland Park, CO where he and his family enjoy their mountain horse property and their own “soon to be completed” equestrian arena.

Jahr’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Michigan gives him a strong background in helping Colorado manufacturers embrace and pioneer the Digital Manufacturing revolution.

Jahr will be instrumental in building bridges and aligning a collaborative manufacturing commons across Southern Colorado. In addition, Jahr will be tasked with overseeing, managing and developing FourFront’s Defense Assistance Program. Currently 14 Southern Colorado companies are participating in this program and Jahr will be instrumental in facilitating connections to appropriate services and teaming arrangements to assist such companies as well as creating a proven program that can be replicated across the state for years to come.