Competitive advantage—What is it?

Every CEO understands that competitive advantage includes producing a better product more efficiently, and thereby, more profitably.

Access to capital, a skilled workforce, and collaborative expertise are all critical ingredients in the recipe for competitive advantage. But there is more.

Innovative technology is a prerequisite to competitive advantage. Today’s successful companies are adopting advanced manufacturing processes such as artificial intelligence, automation and robotics, additive manufacturing, precision measurement processes, 3-D Scanning, and others.

But how does a small company implement cutting-edge technologies cost effectively?

FourFront Colorado brought EWI to Colorado. A world leader in developing and deploying innovative technologies, EWI enables companies to bridge the gap between R&D and manufacturing implementation. For more than 30 years, EWI has been helping companies develop technology solutions to enhance their competitiveness, and now EWI is here to help you.

Headquartered in the heart of America’s traditional manufacturing belt, Columbus, Ohio, FourFront facilitated EWI’s first expansion west of the Mississippi and created an applied research center at the Northern Fuse Impact Center in Loveland.

Today, EWI’s vast experience and knowledgeable engineering staff are available to Colorado companies to assist in developing a tailored roadmap to enhance competitiveness regionally and internationally.

Colorado. Manufacturing the future. Together.

To learn how EWI can help you deploy game-changing technology in your business, contact us at: