What are InFusions? 

InFusions are forums designed to help manufacturers advance their technologies, processes, workforce development, and business management tools. Our InFusions are broken into different categories which help manufacturers in areas that are of interest to them. There are; Technology InFusions, Workforce InFusions, and Business Advancement InFusions.

Technology InFusions are for manufacturers interested in learning more about new and emerging technologies that will make a shop more profitable. With the technology of the world constantly changing, staying on top of the latest and greatest can be a challenge. Technology InFusions bring industry experts to you. FourFront will rely upon EWI and the Technology Application Center, co-located with the Northern Colorado Fuse Impact Center, to provide much of this expertise. We will also look to other industry and academic partners to provide the technology you need to grow a resilient company.


A resilient company is one that cross trains its workforce. A resilient company nurtures its current workforce with training while also growing its future workforce with apprenticeships and internships. Business and Schools in Collaboration (BASIC) is just one of several programs designed to assist you. Workforce InFusions will introduce you to best practices, shared secrets of success and other tools which will help maintain and build your company’s workforce.


Business Advancement InFusions provide manufacturers the insights on how to grow a manufacturing business. These forums will provide you access to experts who can help you assess business performance, use risk management tools to monitor growth and combat threats. Business Advancement InFusions will also provide strategies to broaden your customer base and create new business opportunities.